Ephrata's  FREE crafting area.


Where everyone is welcome!

27 Cloister Ave

Ephrata, PA 17522



Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, and Fourth of July Weekend




Art of Recycle's free crafting area is under the sea. The Craft Castle  is designed to look like a sand castle with towers adorned with sea shells and sea creatures and a tiled table surface for easy clean up. Our staff created the craft castle area to inspire people to use their imaginations and to think outside of the box when they are creating art.


Our crafting area is free to use , and there is no excuse for it not to be, everything is donated by the community by people just like you. It is stocked and cleaned and organized by volunteers and the people who utilize it. It is needed by many people, young and old.






Check out what's happening in the Craft Castle today in real time.



Art of Recycle's Craft Castle is stocked with crafting materials that are free to use while you visit us. Everything in the craft castle is donated by our local community which is how we are able to keep our crafting area free.







  • Rule #1 - Clean up after yourself 100%


  • Rule #2  - Read the instructions on how to use

      a hot glue gun.


  • Rule #3 - Craft with thought. Don't waste materials


  • Rule #4 - Whatever you make is yours to keep.

      Take your art with you.


  • Rule #5 - Small children must have parenta supervision  at all times. Toddlers should be kept in strollers or in arms.


  • Rule #6 - No foul language and no bullying


  • Rule #7 - No running. No horseplaying.


  • Rule #8 - Pay for your purchases from the craft store before bringing items into the free crafting area.


  • Rule #9 - Our free crafting area and our magic puppet theater is not a playground. It is specifically and only to be used for crafting and puppet shows.







Sometimes our crafting area can be overwhelming and some children might have difficulty starting a project.


Art of Recycle volunteers have created puppet bodies from scraps of fabric that crafters can add on to. Crafters of all ages  can have fun gluing on googly eyes, beads, yarn hair, pipe cleaner arms and other accessories onto their puppets using the free materials from the craft castle. When they have completed making their puppets, children and adults can put on puppet shows in our magic puppet theater. The puppet theater is free to use during our hours of operation.  This is a perfect activity for first time crafters and small children, but enjoyed by all.


At least once a month, Art of Recycle hosts the Craft Castle Challenge. This is a day when you can visit Art of Recycle and win AoR gift certificates and other prizes for participating in creating a recycled craft.


The Craft Castle Challenge rules are simple:


  • Stop by Art of Recycle anytime during the day of the Challenge.


  • Ask the staff what the challenge of the day is.


  • Create any type of art relating to the craft of the day using  the free materials from the craft castle.


  • Get your art photographed so our staff can post it on Facebook.


  • Tell your friends and family to like your art on facebook so you can win prizes.


  • Visit our facebook page to see the announced winners or wait for a phone call so winners can pick up their prizes.





27 Cloister Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522