By using discarded materials, Art of Recycle creates

public works of art for the betterment of their community.

Because AoR only has only a few individuals on staff

our time is limited and we are only able to create a few

pieces of public art per year.

Scroll down to see some of our past projects.


The Mural Projects

In 2015, Art of Recycle's Art Director, Chelas Montanye, painted murals in the Memory Care Center at Keystone Villa's Senior Center in the Ephrata Borough. Art of Recycle's Executive Director, Mr. Nobody Special, constructed the 3-D parts of the tactile mural. The 3-D Mural is a tactile mural to help as a memory aid for seniors suffering from memory loss.

The Wishing Tree Project

In 2010, Art of Recycle's artists Mr. Nobody Special and Chelas Montanye created the amazing Wishing Tree which was highlighted in several gallery showings in downtown Lancaster. Mr. Nobody Special constructed the wishing tree using recycled wood and covered it with bark from fallen trees. Chelas painted the tree and decorated it with artwork.


Using the aid of handcrafted puppet clones, the artist duo collected wishes for the wishing tree and began an art show which included the works of many local artists in downtown Lancaster. These artists brought the wishes to life with their handcrafted art. The objective was to show people that sometimes the things that they wished for wasn't necessarily what they needed or sometimes even wanted, by interpreting their wishes into unique and insightful art.


Mr. Nobody and Chelas continue to create fairy and gnome doors and homes using recycled wood and other materials. You can purchase their art in our thrifty craft store or online.


The craft castle was built by artists Mr. Nobody Special and Chelas Montanye inside of Art of Recycle and it has become one of the greatest highlights of our program. It was created using the scraps of recycled materials. When you visit Art of Recycle you don't just look at all of the pretty art, you interact with it and use it to inspire yourself to create your own.



The magic Puppet Theater, like the Craft Castle, was built by artists Mr. Nobody Special and Chelas Montanye inside of Art of Recycle and it also was built from the sraps of recycled materials. It is used daily by families and children. Often people tell us that they travel from hours away to visit our free crafting area and puppet stage.

Art of Recycle develops programs and projects

designed to engage local neighborhood children.

Our summer camps involve incredible ideas such as

Giant Parade Puppets and Stop Motion Animation.



27 Cloister Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522