Thrifty Craft Store

A Fantastic Wonderland of Recycled Art Supplies

An amazing and inspiring creative reuse resource center

Located behind the Cloister Restaurant in Ephrata




Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, and Fourth of July Weekend

We moved to 27 Cloister Ave in downtown Ephrata!

Art of Recycle is a 501c3 Non-Profit


Our thrifty Craft Store is something to be proud of.

We are a Creative Reuse Center like nothing you've seen before.

The largest creative reuse in Lancaster County.


Neat and organized.

Stocked with lots of crafting supplies.

Creative and inspiring.


Friendly Atmosphere.



Art of Recycle Thrifty Craft Store

A Casual List of

Prices and Inventory


Our merchandise is in new and like new condition

unless it is of antique quality or rustic style.

Our prices are fantastic even for thrift.


Who says you can't buy anything for a penny?


art books - $1 and up

baskets - 50 cents

beads - 25 cents per bag and up

bells - 5 cents and up

belts - 10 cents each

binders - 25 cents

boxes - 5 cents and up

buttons - 5 cents each/$1 a cup

candles - 5 cents and up

candle holders - 25 cents and up

carpet samples - 5 cents and up

cassette tapes - 25 cents

CD's - $1

ceramic Christmas tree bulbs - 25 cents a bag and up

ceramic figurines - 5 cents and up

ceramic vases and pots - 25 cents and up

chain - 25 cent a foot

construction paper - 1 cent each/$1 pound

corks - 5 cents and up

crafting booklets - 25 cents

crayons for melting - 20 cents a cup

crepe paper rolls - 50 cents each

DVD's - $1

drawer pulls and handles - 25 cents and up

easels - $5 and up

elastic - 25 cents and up

embroidery hoops - 25 cents and up

embroidery thread - 10 cents

embroidery kits - 25 cents and up

envelopes - 1 cent each

ephemera - varied prices

felt - 10 cents

feathers - $2 a bag

foam - 5 cents and up

foamboard - 10 cents

folders - 10 cents

hooks - 5 cents and up

fabric - Anything under a yard is 10 cents

fabric by the yard - $1 a yard

formica samples - 1 cent each

frames - 25 cents and up

game pieces - 5 cents/$1 a cup

glass Christmas bulbs - 10 cents each

glass and ceramic lids - 25 cents and up

glass vases - 50 cents and up

glitter - 50 cents a bag

greeting cards w/envelope - 25 cents

hardware items- 5 cents and up

ink pen nibs - 25 cents/bag

jars - 15 cents and up

keys - 10 cents and up

key rings - 5 cents each

knitting needles - 25 cents and up

lace - 25 cents and up

magazines - 10 cents

magnets - 5 cents and up

magnifying glasses - 10 cents and up

maps - 25 cents

markers - 5 cents

mat boards - ten cents

notebooks - 25 cents and up

novelty button pins - 25 cent

paint, acrylic craft - 25 cents

paint brushes, artist quality - 75 cents and up

paint brushes for kids - 5 cent

paint, house - 25 cents and up

paint, fabric - 25 cent tube

paper - 1 cent each

paper clips - 25 cents per bag

paper cutters - price varies

party supplies - 25 cents and up

patterns - 50 cents

pom-poms - 25 cents/bag and up

pencils - 5 cents

pine cones - 5 cents

Popsicle sticks - 1 cent

post cards - 20 cent

poster board - 35 cents

ribbons - 5 cents and up

rope wood (turned wood) 8 feet long - 25 cents and up

rubber bands for bracelets - 50 cents a bag

rulers - 25 cents

scissors - 50 cents and up

scrapbook paper 8x10 - 5 cents each

scrapbook paper 12x12 - 10 cents each

sculpey and fimo clay - $2 /2oz

sewing machine bobbins - 25 cents

sewing machine parts - 25 cents and up

sewing needles - 25 cents and up

shells - 5 cents each/ $1 cup

shoe laces - 25 cents

stamps - 10 cents and up

stencils - 25 cents and up

stickers - 10 cents and up

Styrofoam balls - 10 cents and up

thread - 25 cents

thermometers - 55 cents

tins - 25 cents and up

transfer paper - 5 cents and up

toys - 5 cents to 25 cents

twine - 25 cents and up

records - $1

jewelry - 25 cents and up

VCR tapes - 50 cents

wallpaper sample books - $1

window etching decals - 25 cents and up

wood cut-outs - 5 cents and up

wooden dowels - 5 cents and up

wreaths - 25 cents and up

yarn - 25 cents and up

zippers - 50 cents and up


these prices are not set

and can be subject to change.



AoR has lots of abundant treasures

for free, just ask at the register!


cardboard tubes

plastic containers

plastic cups of all sizes for craft use

foam trays for craft use

foam cups and foam bowls for craft use

paper plates

pie tins

tins and cans

used pens and pencils

household items

broken dishes and broken tiles for mosaics

scrap paper for paper making


These free items are available to anyone who

needs them, but are subject to availability.


First come first serve, we do not hold

items for anyone do to our limited space.


If you are a teacher or an employee of a

non-profit organization that offers services to

children, seniors, individuals with special needs

contact Art of Recycle staff to ask about our

"Art is a Necessity Program".




Unlike many organizations, Art of Recycle receives very little money from outside grants for providing the services that we offer to the public. In today's economy, grant money is given sparsely to the arts and a lot of organizations are dependent upon the general public for the funds to run their programs. Our thrifty craft store was our unique solution to our funding problem. Art of Recycle needs your support in order for us to continue operating.


We ask for very little.


Stop throwing away good items that you no longer need, bring them to Art of Recycle and we will get them to the people who need them.

Don't pack away in the closet your leftover materials from your last project, donate your excess arts and crafts supplies to us and we will use them to make a difference in our community. If an item is broken it might not be trash. Ask AoR before you toss it, it might be useful as an art material.


The items that you donate go a long way in helping to fund our cause and others. We believe in sharing. We pass the benefits on to other organizations who are in need of crafting supplies.




27 Cloister Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522