Learning the Zen of Recycle

from our dedicated staff at Art of Recycle

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Art of Recycle is a non-profit community art center located in downtown Ephrata.


The workshops that are provided by Art of Recycle are low-cost and sometimes free, most of our staff is volunteer. The people who created and host these workshops dedicate their time because of their passion for art and their community. There is a lot of time put into the planning and hosting of these events and we are always looking for like minded people who are interested in getting involved.


Many people believe that Art of Recycle is just a store. It is not.



Art of Recycle is a community art center that provides a free crafting area to everybody who walks in our doors. True, it is a place where you happen to find crafting supplies at really inexpensive prices, but AoR's craft store was designed to provide funding to cover the overhead expenses of the building so that people who are economically challenged could have a free place to go where they could take their children and grandchildren to play and craft without having to pay a large fee for a family activity.


Art of Recycle was created so that people who can’t afford crafting supplies could find those supplies at such low prices that their quality of life could increase. The truth is that art supplies are expensive and not too many people have the luxury of being able to afford to create art. Art is a fundamental need. Art is probably one of the most stress relieving and therapeutic ways of healing your body and mind. We believe that art and music belong in the same category as diet and exercise, and people who are robbed of the ability to create art because of economic hardship live a life of the lowest quality.


The donation that you pay to enjoy one of our workshops makes it possible for us to cover the overhead expenses of Art of Recycle and as we continue to grow, to hire staff in order to maintain the facility and to help Art of Recycle to thrive.


Our mission is to develop, and heal and grow community through recycled art. We aim to inspire more art and assist artists in developing skills for art creation by using and re-using the available resources around them.

Our objective is to teach people how to create "art with purpose" reusing discarded, unwanted, and excess items; creating generations of artists and crafters who are more environmentally conscious.


We offer a friendly environment in which artists and crafters can meet other like-minded people where they can socialize and craft in a comfortable and inspiring environment. Whether your enjoyment is crafting, drawing, painting, sculpting, puppetry, poetry, music, photography, reading, writing or inventing, this is the place to visit.



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27 Cloister Avenue, Ephrata, PA 17522