April 16, 2018

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


27 Cloister Ave, Ephrata, PA

This fun and social workshop, hosted by Art of Recycle, involves re-upholstering a piece of your own furniture.


AoR staff will teach you the basics to re-upholstering furniture. Bring a piece of furniture with you that you want to re-upholster and learn how to do it step-by step!  We recommend bringing a simple project such as a small chair or a hassek. Expect to be at this workshop for no less than 3 hours.


Art of Recycle has tools on hand to teach you how to re-upholster. You are welcome to bring your own tools, but please mark your equipment before you arrive to prevent confusion.


Things to bring with you:


Replacement fabric, replacement buttons (if necessary), replacement cording (if necessary), matching thread. Art of recycle does sell some re-upholstery fabric and materials for re-upholstery but cannot guarantee that there will be something available or something that you might like at the time of this workshop.



This workshop is a level 5 workshop. It is challenging for many beginner artists. This workshop is not suitable for children because of the tools and materials that we are using.


There is a 20 dollar fee for this workshop. A maximum of fifteen spots are available. Pre-pay online or inside Art of Recycle to reserve your spot.

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This Workshop is Scheduled for


April 16

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM