APRIL 27, 2018

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


27 Cloister Ave, Ephrata, PA

This fun and social workshop, hosted by Art of Recycle, involves creating glass flowers from assorted recycled dishes, platters, bowls, vases and candle holders


 AoR staff will teach you how to create glass flowers from discarded glassware. Using provided materials, AoR staff will guide you into creating your own unique glass flowers. Art of Recycle has been saving up colored glassware in preparation of the most fantastic garden flower workshops. We have boxes upon boxes of all shapes, sizes and color dishes, bowls, and candle holders for making a variety of garden art pieces to enhance your garden, yard or porch. We are charging a minimal fee to choose from our selection of glassware and learn how to create fantastic garden art.


 This workshop includes:


  • Maximum of three flowers per individual. $5 for each additional flower made.
  • One free rebar stem per individual. $2.50 for each additional.
  • Free turned wood flower stems for as many flowers as you make.
  • We are providing the epoxy to glue the flowers that you make at the workshop.
  • We will be giving step by step instructions on how to make your flowers.



Art of Recycle workshop materials are made up of items that the public donates to Art of Recycle in order  to help us sustain our efforts of operating our non-profit community art center. Because of our wide variety of inventory, given items are only available in limited quantities. Each glass flower made is going to be uniquely different from the other. The glass flower that you make will not look exactly like any of the glass flowers in the photos.


If you want to use a specific type, shape, color glass flower, then you are welcome to bring your own glassware to the workshop. You do not need to bring anything with you at all, as we provide all of the necessary supplies for you.


This workshop is a level 5 workshop. It is challenging for many beginner artists. It is adult only because we are using glass and strong adhesives.


 A $25 dollar class fee helps AoR continue to host low-cost and free workshops all year round.



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6:00 PM - 8:30 PM