craft  castle  challengE


27 Cloister Ave, Ephrata, PA

This fun and social event is hosted by Art of Recycle to encourage the creation of more art by everyone.


AoR staff challenges you to visit Art of Recycle between 10am and 6pm during the day of the challenge and create a piece of art revolving around the topic of the day.


This challenge includes:


    • All crafting materials in the Craft Castle are free to use while you visit us.





Visit AoR between 10am and 6pm on the day of the Challenge. Ask AoR staff what the craft of the day is and then spend some time in the craft castle participating in the craft challenge by creating any form of art revolving around the subject of the day using only Craft Castle materials.


When you are finished, AoR staff will photograph your art  creation and post your art on facebook. Your art will be judged by our facebook fans.


Art of Recycle Craft Castle Challenge materials are made up of  items that the public donates to Art of Recycle in order  to help us sustain our efforts of operating our non-profit community art center. Art of Recycle craft castle is free to use, and all materials in the craft castle are free to use while you visit us. Art of Recycle is open 9am-6pm Monday through Saturday.



This workshop is suitable for children and adults of any age. There is no fee to participate.