February 12, 2018

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


27 Cloister Ave, Ephrata, PA

Begin your journey into Art of Recycle's workshops by taking our art journaling workshop. This workshop introduces you to our workshop team and into how our workshops can be inspiring and motivational. Add to your journal throughout the year by taking additional journey workshops for only $5. This is a great membership opportunity for dedicated crafters.


This workshop includes:


  • Scrapbook Paper, Magazine Clippings, Etc.
  • Cardboard Backing
  • Rings, Cords, Grommets for Binding
  • Assortment of Accessories to Adorn Your Journal
  • glue and adhesive.


Art of Recycle workshop materials are made up of items that the public donates to Art of Recycle in order  to help us sustain our efforts of operating our non-profit community art center. Because of our wide variety of inventory, given items are only available in limited quantities. Each creative journal made is going to be uniquely different from the other. The journal that you make will not look exactly like any of the journals in the photos.


You are welcome to bring accessories with you to add to your journal and make it more personal. You do not need to bring anything with you at all, as we provide all of the necessary supplies for you.


As a special introduction workshop, Journey into AoR allows participants to sign up for future Journey workshops at a special $5 price.


Any workshop that is listed as a journey workshop throughout the year is offered to Journey into AoR participants for a fee of only $5 per Journey Workshop.


Journey into AoR workshops are level 4 workshops. Some journey workshops can be challenging for many beginner artists. This workshop is not suitable for small children because of the tools and materials that we are using.


There is a 35 dollar fee for the intro into AoR workshop and a $5 fee for every journey workshop afterwards. Good until January 2019. AoR does not give refunds. If Art of Recycle cancels a workshop due to inclement weather we will move your fee on to the next available workshop date.


A maximum of twenty spots are available for this workshop. Pre-pay online or inside Art of Recycle to reserve your spot. If you miss this workshop, sign up for the next one.



This Workshop is Scheduled for

February 12th

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM