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Invite ten friends and/or family members for an Art of Recycle shopping spree. Book your appointment online, pay $50 in advance, and have your reservation fee applied towards your purchases on the day of your appointment.

Free crafting kits will be provided for the crafters in your group. 

Rules and Guidelines

Additional Information

Each appointment is reserved for one and one half hour. During that time, shoppers may browse Art of Recycle's shopping area and craft in Art of Recycle's free crafting area.

Crafters will be given individual kits to craft with, rather than our past tradition of allowing crafters to select items from various art materials that were available to everyone. Crafters may also purchase items from our craft store to craft with. 

Tables and surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned with PA health guidelines recommended cleaning products after each appointment. Art of Recycle is dedicated to the health and safety of our guests.

All guests are required to wear masks while visiting our facility for the safety of our staff and volunteers as well as other guests. Children under two and individuals with health reasons are not required to wear a mask.

When booking an appointment with Art of Recycle, by paying an advanced fee and booking online through our appointment services, you are agreeing  to our  disclaimer that you fully understand the risks involved with meeting in a group setting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Art of Recycle will take every action possible to keep your guests safe, but you are responsible for the actions of your guests. If any guests act inappropriately or endanger other guests within your party or any of our staff, we will give you one warning to remedy the situation by notifying you of the errant behavior and allow your guests to correct it. If the behavior is not adjusted then you and your entire party will be asked to vacate the premises. Art of Recycle takes seriously the safety of our community.