Before signing up for a workshop, check to make certain that the date works for you, be certain that you have proper transportation in advance, check to make certain that all of your friends that you want to attend are all able to attend on the same day before purchasing your ticket.


We understand that our workshops are very popular and that the seats sell out very quickly, but purchasing tickets for the purpose of holding a spot in our workshop and then requesting a credit or a refund afterwards is not permitted.





Thanks to your payment we can continue to give teachers free resources to help them in their classrooms all year round. The workshop fees you pay at Art of Recycle helps us to provide a free space to people with special needs where they are welcome to craft and socialize as well as volunteer six days a week. Because of your investment in us, we are able to provide a low cost arts and crafts store and a free crafting area that allows families and seniors on a low budget to be able to afford art. Please don't ask for your money back for services that you committed to receiving. There are very few places in the U.S. that are doing what we are doing, and we would like to continue doing this for a long time to come.


Your workshop payment and your store purchases are a donation and contribution to help fund Art of Recycle, a non-profit community art center. Your workshop payment is non-refundable. Your store purchases cannot be refunded.




When you register for a workshop at Art of Recycle your payment is not a deposit to hold your space. Your payment is a fee that you pay for a seat in our workshop that cannot be refunded to you if you change your mind.


We understand that sometimes there are severe situations which prevent a person from being able to attend our workshop through no fault of their own, in the past we had previously extended credit to a future workshop if a person could not attend due to unforeseeable circumstances. Due to the frequency of requests for refunds and credits, our organization has suffered severe financial hardship. Because of this abuse we can no longer extend any sort of refund or credit.


Art of Recycle is dedicated to keeping our workshops low-cost to the community. In order to keep our cost low we must sell every ticket in order to pay for material cost, employee payroll, and overhead expenses for the art center. Some workshops take days, and even weeks, to prepare for. The workshop fee includes material costs, all of the labor that goes in to prepping the workshop, as well as the time spent teaching the workshop. When a workshop attendee pays the fee for a workshop that fee is immediately applied to prepping for that persons spot in the workshop. Prepping for a workshop begins with registering your name in the registration book, talking to you on the phone and answering your emails, and driving to the store to purchase the required materials. As simple as those tasks may seem, your workshop fee pays staff members to perform those duties. When you request a refund or credit, our non-profit relies on kind donors to help us compensate for the financial loss invested in time that did not earn us any funding.


Art of Recycle's staff is committed to hosting the workshop that you signed up for, and we are dependent that you, as a paid attendee, are committed to attending so that we may apply our time to prep our workshops for you. Your payment assures us that we can continue to host our workshops at the low cost that we offer them at. No one in the area offers workshops as extensive as ours, at the low affordable cost that we offer them at, with access to the wide variety of materials that we offer our workshop attendees. We have a choice, to raise our workshop fees to compensate for the financial losses or to discontinue the practice of extending refunds and credit. We feel that raising our prices is unfair to the many people who do keep their reservations, and unfair to the many people who were unable to sign up for seats because they were purchased by individuals who only purchased the seats to hold the spot in case they wanted to attend. Therefore, tickets are now non-refundable.




Art of Recycle does not give refunds on merchandise purchased in as is condition.  However, because sometimes we are not able to properly inspect certain items that enter into our center before putting them onto the sales floor, we do accept returns on particular items that were sold damage or in unusable condition. CD's DVD's, electronics and paints are some of the items that we accept returns on.


Thank you for understanding our refund policy.