Everyday, Art of Recycle staff works with individuals in need of job skills training. Teenagers, special needs youths and adults, and people involved in community service programs. As an organization dedicated to our community, we strive to do more than just provide tasks for individuals to perform. Currently, we are utilizing and developing programs that help individuals to meet goals that will help them to exceed in life. Our staff works one on one with youths and adults, teaching everything from social skills to labor skills to math, English and computer skills. We are not here to simply help people to create art, we are here to better our community and to help our community to better themselves.


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How is Art of Recycle's Summer Camp Program

different from other summer camp programs?


Our Mission:

To develop, heal and grow community through recycled art.


We aim to inspire more art and assist artists in developing skills for art creation

by using and re-using the available resources around them.

Our objective is to teach people how to create "art with purpose"

reusing discarded, unwanted, and excess items; creating generations of

artists and crafters who are more environmentally conscious.



Want to help?


State law requires all volunteers 16 years and older must have background checks and childline clearances.

Our handbook assists you with this process.

Don't have time to volunteer, but want to help?

We offer a quick five minute volunteer opportunity!