Get Free Materials, Art and Teaching Supplies

Get free teaching supplies for your classroom or activities room.

Teachers, activity directors, organization leaders, youth group directors, Sunday school teachers, private schools, public schools and more are eligible for free materials .

Teacher Resources are a Necessity

Art of Recycle's Free Teacher teaching supplies Helps Thousands of Teachers

Art is a Necessity

A Free Teacher Resource Program

In 2016, Art of Recycle’s Team started a program that is designed to stretch the dollars of non-profit organizations’ and teachers' budgets by finding and sourcing free materials, arts, crafts and teaching supplies for their programs. Our center collects school supplies for every school subject. #Impact Lancaster

AoR develops innovative programs


The Art of Hope

In the summer of 2017, Art of Recycle was recognized in the Lancaster Chamber's magazine "Lancaster Thriving"

for winning the 2016 #ImpactLancaster challenge with our innovative and successful program "Art is a Necessity". Our program involves distributing free materials to teachers in need of school supplies . Our self-sustaining program has strengthened and developed every year since.

How Our Program Works

How Do I Get Free Teaching Supplies?

- To receive the benefits of accessing Art of Recycle's Free Teacher Section, visit Art of Recycle at 27 Cloister Ave in downtown Ephrata and talk to one of our staff at the front counter area. 

- Bring a teacher ID or a letter from your organization stating that you have permission to receive materials for teaching or providing activities for clients or members of their organization.

- A staff member will ask you if you want to give a $35 donation or if you would like to volunteer for a few hours sometime during the year to help with the upkeep of the free teacher area. You do not have to give a donation or donate your time in order to receive a membership if you are a teacher. You will only be asked once, when you first receive your membership.

- After you show proof that you are a teacher, you will be provided with an Artsy Fartsy Unicorn Membership Card that you will show our staff at the front desk every time you visit for free materials. Our staff will provide you with a clipboard with an impact sheet attached. You must fill out an impact form every time you take materials from the free teacher section. Please keep the teacher area as neat and tidy as possible.

- If you cannot find the materials you need in the free teacher section, please ask for assistance. We have materials and classroom tools set aside for those teachers who need them the most. Particularly teachers who have zero budget.


Filling the Need in the Classroom